Media Policies

2018- 2019 Prep Circuit MEDIA/PHOTO POLICIES

General Media Policies:

  1. All members of the media must remain on the outer perimeter of the playing area and may sit in the general seating areas only (not player benches, near college coaches, etc.).

2.Photographers may take photos from the designated areas on the outside baselines of each court. These areas are the only places where photographers may sit on the floor and shoot photos. Photos may be taken while sitting in the general seating area as long as the other spectators’ views are not adversely affected. Standing tripods are not allowed for use in this area. Photographers (with cameras) are the only persons allowed in the designated photo areas.

  1. Web streaming/ livestreaming is not permitted.

4.Credentialed members of the media are not allowed at the player host hotel at anytime. Please do not interview the student-athletes during non-interview times.

  1. It is not permitted to ask athletes for phone numbers or personal contact information. Please communicate with head coaches directly.

6.Anyone who violates these policies may be asked to relinquish their credential and leave the facility. Failure to comply with video policies may result in future credentialing reviews.

7. All Videos & Photos captured in any/all National Prep Circuit sanctioned events/games hosted in the state of AZ MUST tag Hillcrest Prep & Inspire Courts on any & all social media platforms posted.

For more information, please contact:

AZ Finest Mixtape at